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Factor means a contributor, matter or impact. Loihde Factor is a contributor that adds the “extra” into extraordinary.

Everything can be rethought. For us, this means that we can help our customers to see matters in a new light. We also listen to the words left unspoken. We do not only develop whatever it is that our customer wants, but we will find out what they truly need and what is reasonable. We create forward-looking solutions, both in the digital world and beyond.

Rethinking also means that we improve our working life every day. We treat each other equally and create an atmosphere where everyone can happify themselves. 

Rethink to happify

Bitfactor’s story

Around the time of the founding of the company in the early 2010s, the software industry was going through an unpredictable period. During a period of unemployment, we were thinking about all sorts of business ideas – some of them serious, some less so. Over and over again, however, we came to the conclusion that our talents lay in the software industry, and that was the world we wanted to dive back into – in our own way. This is how Bitfactor was born.

The company started with about ten people and grew rapidly. Bitfactor’s reputation as a people-focused company drew both customers and employees to our door. In addition to software experts, the team was joined by professionals in design, analytics and business operations.

In 2018, we became a part of the Loihde Group. We changed our name to Loihde Factor in 2021.

We have developed into a close-knit group, where projects and decisions are made together in a spirit of mutual trust. Now Loihde Factor is forging ahead with the strength of 170 talented people.

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