Our work

Viria Security — bringing an old system up to date

We modernized Viria Security’s customer-oriented system, both technically and visually.

The challenge

Customers receive up-to-date and continuous information about their data security from Viria Security. For example, customer companies have access to OneManage, which is web-based software that enables them to monitor the status of the security services and telecommunications equipment they purchase, as well as to make service requests. OneManage had a lot of both technical and administrative users. Over time, the system had become slow and difficult to use, and it no longer served its broad user base as it should.

It was found in the conception phase that one of the main difficulties for users was that they couldn’t find the things and important functions they needed in the system. In addition, various reports were troublesome to make and weren’t up to date, as data was updated in the system with a delay. Technically, the system was awkward and difficult to maintain and develop.


The solution

At the beginning of the project, our service designers and technical experts monitored the use of the system at the premises of Viria Security and their customers, identifying the needs, wishes and priorities of users. After this, we created a plan for users’ needs with a new user interface and technical architecture.

In the actual product development project, a new user interface was built, where the most important information and functions can be found right on the front page and all other content is also logically organized. Both technical and administrative users can find everything they need quickly, as the contents for each user group are more clearly distinguishable from each other in the navigation.

The old look was updated to a contemporary and pleasing style that adds to the user experience. The service was also made responsive, so it can be used on mobile devices as well. All reports from OneManage are also visualized in a clearer and more comprehensible way.

We also renewed OneManage’s outdated technical solutions. The system was fully transferred to a whole new architecture. The old PHP monolith was replaced by a microservice architecture that could be used to break down the technical entity into separate logical parts. The choice of micro-service architecture supports future expansion needs. In the future, a single service interface can be more easily shared with a third party, for example.

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