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Vastuu Group — using the applicant’s own data in job searches

Together with Vastuu Group and its partners, Bitfactor’s experts designed and implemented the “Luotettava työntekijä” (reliable employee) service pilot. Users of the service can use the data collected about them and their know-how in different government systems when applying for work.

The challenge

Vastuu Group is a company that provides services such as assisting real estate and construction operators in meeting their legal obligations. One such obligation is to check the background and information of jobseekers in the field, which is why filling in applications is slow work as well: information on training and permits, for example, is scattered across multiple systems. It is difficult for applicants to find the information about themselves and to record all the information in the job application. Recruiters have to check every single item of information for several thousand applicants, and request further information in the case of incomplete applications. There was a need to find a solution to the laborious filling of applications and manual information checks.

The solution

All verified data needed in the job search process already exist in different systems, but there were no solutions that made it possible to use it. In accordance with the MyData principle, the Luotettava työntekijä service creates a channel for the job applicant’s own data and allows the applicant to permit the data in the systems to be used and entered directly into the potential employer’s recruitment system. The potential employer and the recruiter can see that the information has come directly from the government systems in real time, and doesn’t need to be separately verified. Thanks to this, in the job interviews time can be used for focusing on the interview itself instead of having to check and correct the applicant’s information. In the future, the Luotettava työntekijä system may also propose jobs suitable for an employee based on their skills profile.

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