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UROS – Design System created in cooperation benefits the entire organization

The technology company UROS wanted to create a design-driven culture and highlight customer-oriented thinking to support product development. The creation of a design-driven culture began with the construction of the Design System together with Loihde Factor. As a result, a comprehensive Design System was launched, which is now used by all product development teams.

The rapidly growing UROS creates modern IoT solutions. As the organization evolves and the product portfolio expands, customer-oriented thinking has risen to an increasingly important role. The company had a vision of a design-driven culture for the entire organization, the construction of which started with an understanding of the starting point, opportunities and areas for development. Initially, Loihde Factor carried out a design maturity level survey, which helped the company to understand the current situation and the concrete ways to make better use of design, both in the design of services and in the development of internal functions.

We started implementing a plan based on the data obtained from the maturity level survey, and UROS set out to build the Design System in cooperation with Loihde Factor.


The Design System is a set of guidelines that helps ensure a consistent user and customer experience across all contact points in a company or organization. It consists of data, guidelines, and components that different employees can use as part of their work. The Design System is broader than a brand book or brand guide and meets the needs of user experience development. Design System libraries have long been used, especially to design digital services.

Design System was created in cooperation with Loihde Factor

The project team of Loihde Factor and UROS started the work with an extensive needs assessment. Among other things, the assessment aimed to establish the types of components and the ways to make user interfaces in different projects and how performance could be harmonized and speeded up with the help of the Design System library. The entire product development organization was involved in the development work, from developers to project managers. Support and commitment to the Design System work was also sought from outside the product development organization.

As a result a comprehensive Design System was released that includes color, icon, and font specifications for user interfaces, as well as components and design templates, such as navigations and tables for various implementations. All product development teams use the Design System library.

The Design System also offers other advantages in addition to the consistency of the customer experience. It helps developers work and thus saves time as, for example, not all components need to be designed and implemented from scratch, but ready-made elements are used in development. UROS is continuously developing new services. There are several active project development processes, so the benefits of the Design System library are quickly realized.

In addition to the design and implementation of the Design System, Loihde Factor’s experts have also been extensively involved in the company’s product development for UROS Sense, UROS Flow and the soon-to-be-released UROS Live, among others.

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