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The Qt Company — an impressive visual appearance

Loihde Factor helped The Qt Company clarify and freshen up their solutions’ visual appearance.

The challenge

Qt is a popular cross-platform framework for building software and graphic user interfaces.  Qt provides developers advanced and effective tools for creating intuitive applications and devices. The Qt Company is responsible for Qt’s development.

The Qt Company’s technology solutions have deservedly reached tremendous success all around the world. However, they have many large, well known and international competitors. Standing out from this tough crowd calls for world-class design. The company wanted to create a recognizable, fresh and clear visual appearance that won’t be overshadowed by their competitors.   

The solution

Loihde Factor’s professionals created a fresh color palette and icons for Qt’s solutions that make them approachable and recognizable. The desired message and essence for the brand formed a basis for the whole project. The new visual appearance joins Qt’s extensive product family together and helps the company claim their position as a well known international enterprise.

The full spectrum of Qt’s digital tools is extensive, so we wanted to clarify their offering using design. We divided their solutions into three main categories and designed icons and signature colours for each of them. The other applications were divided under the main categories and given their own icons, all following the feel and ambience of the main category. Our professionals also improved the software’s usability by designing icons for the different functions. Moreover, we compiled a handbook that helps The Qt Company follow the same visual style in their future projects.

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Olli Lindroos
Business Director, Digital Services