Our work

Terrafame — management of a modern supply chain

Loihde Factor designed a service package for Terrafame that brings together data from many different back-end systems and streamlines process management.

The challenge

The metals company Terrafame contacted Loihde Factor about the system needs of a battery chemical plant that was under construction. Terrafame has several systems in use to control its existing functions, but they wouldn’t be adequate for the new situation. Terrafame asked Loihde Factor to determine the characteristics and functionalities of the system for efficient control of the operation of the new plant.


The solution

Loihde Factor’s experts started with a user-friendly design.  They familiarized themselves with the operating environment by interviewing Terrafame employees and exploring the propulsion-controlled production model. The aim was to design a user-friendly system that streamlines the process, makes work more effective and reduces operating risks.

The result was a design for a supply chain management system that gathers information from different stages of the process and processes data to support business development. The new system enables management of the entire supply chain from production to sales and logistics control.

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Kimmo Heikkilä
SVP, Marketing & Sales