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Realia Isännöinti — a smoother user experience

Realia Isännöinti wanted to enhance its customer experience and strengthen its market position by modernizing its services. The OmaRealia service brings all housing-related information together in the one place and simplifies dealings with the property manager.

The challenge 

Realia Isännöinti is one of Finland’s largest housing management companies. The company wanted to improve the transparency of its processes related to housing and housing management. Housing-related issues were previously handled in a fragmented manner across different channels, and the old practices and services no longer met the needs of Realia or its customers.


The solution

Loihde Factor and Realia Isännöinti worked together to develop the first version of OmaRealia. The service is aimed at the members of the board of the housing company and the shareholders and residents. OmaRealia makes it possible to order documents such as a property manager’s certificate, make a notification of a move or a fault, book common areas, and manage housing company meetings. 

The members of the board of directors of housing companies and housing managers were prioritized as the target groups for the first phase of the project. The Azure cloud-based service, with its responsive web interface, enables meetings to be held and the minutes to be signed fully electronically. A seamless user experience is ensured through integration with third-party products, such as the property management enterprise resource planning system Tampuuri and an e-signature service. In addition, different stakeholders can see the housing company’s financial information.

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Kari Kujala
Business Development & Sales