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Meejo — for easy travel

The Meejo service, developed in collaboration with the bus company Savonlinja and Loihde Factor, combines different forms of mobility in an unprecedented way.

The challenge

Users of public transport keep demanding better and smoother service, and are quick to turn to a competitor if they’re not happy. On the other hand, passengers are presented with so much choice that it is difficult to know which app or service to use at any one time. Under the pressure of increased competition, companies in the sector must consider what kind of business could be profitable beyond just conventional ticket sales.

Together with Savonlinja, we set about finding new directions in the transport sector by breaking boundaries. In a small country, it is difficult for all players in the sector to cope in a field that is fragmented into many parts. In addition, from the customer’s point of view it is absurd to have to use dozens of different applications and services to get from one place to another.


The solution

We had a brainwave: what if the competitors all worked together instead of trying to get ahead of each other all the time? This was the beginning of Meejo, Finland’s first shared platform in the transport sector. Meejo offers a ready-to-use platform for ticket sales and marketing, tools for managing routes, automatic reporting to meet the needs of different stakeholders, and shared responsibility among different actors for maintenance and development.

Loihde Factor’s professionals designed and implemented the mobile applications for passengers and drivers in Meejo, as well as the online store. The service allows passengers to search for and book trips with both long-distance and local transportation, regardless of the form of transportation. In Meejo, travelers can, for example, buy a ticket for local transport from their door to the bus station, or a long-distance ticket to another city. In addition, Meejo allows users to book concert tickets and a trip to the concert venue or an audiobook for the journey, for instance. Loyal Meejo customers are rewarded with various benefits and services for added travel comfort and convenience. Meejo’s possibilities are endless: in the future, customers will be able to book an electric scooter or a city bike, order a taxi, buy a ferry ticket, or even a reindeer ride.

The service includes a reporting service designed for operators, which allows companies to track how customers use their services. The reports make it easier to plan routes and price tickets, among other things. The driver’s work is made easier by an app that eliminates the need to check tickets separately. The app also keeps drivers up to date and helps in planning shifts.

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Kimmo Heikkilä
SVP, Marketing & Sales