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Herman Andersson — towards a smoother system

Port work used old systems that were poor in terms of usability and no longer met the needs of the dockers and work supervisors. Loihde Factor’s professionals began to study the processes and practices beneath the surface. In the course of the project, we found ways to streamline the work of employees far beyond what a simple technical update of the old systems would have made possible.

The challenge

Herman Andersson provides port operations services such as stowage, dispatching and ship clearing. The company approached Loihde Factor with the idea of improving its existing digital systems. Better communication between different parties was also needed, for example in customer service.


The solution

Since systems should always serve people and not the other way around, Loihde Factor’s professionals took up the challenge in a human-oriented and holistic way. Instead of simply renewing the technical systems, they took into account Herman Andersson’s port operations from a broader perspective. They identified the needs of the dockers, management and customer service in order to help the new service support the work as well and as efficiently as possible.

In addition to the human perspective, the service plan took into account the specific characteristics of port work, such as safety when operating large machines and containers, and the need to reduce the amount of manual work. The plan also highlighted the role of port automation in making work easier and faster.

The result was a ready-to-implement plan for a service that solves many problems related to information flow and smooth working.

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Kimmo Heikkilä
SVP, Marketing & Sales