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​​Futures design workshop – new perspectives for change management

Futures design workshop provides inspiration, gives an airing to conventional views, and brings people from around the organization together.

There comes a point in the life of every company, when fresh ideas and inspiration are needed to achieve new development. We also have a tendency to get stuck in our own little bubble, where the familiar thought patterns are recycled and new kinds of possibilities and challenges are easily ignored. We cling onto the present, our biases and learned ways of thinking more than we’d like to admit. External assistance is often needed when we wish to properly shake up our thought patterns and create something completely new.  

Our experts at Loihde Factor provide consultancy in several sectors and in companies of different sizes, thus guaranteeing wide-ranging viewpoints for the use of our customers. They also operate in multisectoral teams and continuously develop their skills in both strategic and predictive work as well as in design, for example. Due to their extensive experience, they can always introduce new perspectives and eye-opening viewpoints to our customers. 


Futures design workshop

Futures design workshop is a change management tool for companies of all sizes that has been developed by our experts. It provides the opportunity to let go of the conventional, see the future with a fresh pair of eyes, and to let even the most unusual ideas emerge. The workshop provides you with the tools to explore and prepare for the future, it lets some fresh air into your thinking and creates new perspectives. Participants may also leave the workshop with a new way of thinking, new philosophy or a new approach to their own work. The workshop provides a launchpad for future-oriented thinking and entirely new perspectives.

In the workshop, the participants conceptualize different trends and phenomena, and how they influence the operating environment, customers, products, and services of the company. The process can be light and tentative, or it can tackle a more specific topic decided in advance with the aim of promoting development projects or solving a future challenge.

The workshop is perfect, for example, in the beginning of a strategy process or as an introduction for all kinds of design work – or it can simply be used to broaden the mind whenever needed. The workshop goes beyond the abstract level, and provides the participants a concrete new tool for organizational thinking. The ideas and perspectives derived in the workshop may also eventually make their way into products and services. 

Engaging atmosphere and co-creation are an essential part of the workshop on futures design. It is important to strengthen employee commitment and enable different ideas to be heard. Multidisciplinary cooperation brings experts together and breaks down the barriers between those fields. It creates a common outlook within the company and diversifies the way of thinking.

Building something together breaks new ground for openness and inspiration. The workshop is suitable for groups of all sizes and can consist of management, personnel, and other stakeholders. 

“Thank you for the innovative and inspiring workshop <3 It provokes thoughts, and it’s good to think about different scenarios in the circumstances of the modern world.” —Workshop participant

How does it work?

We can organize our customers one or several futures design sessions for participants chosen by the company. Facilities specifically created for this purpose inspire the creation of new ideas.

Our experts bring their experience from several fields into the workshop, and as “outsiders” bring different insight to the way of working. Our future-oriented experts with different backgrounds have the ability to facilitate working to make sure that our customers get the maximum inspiration and advantage from the workshop. Led by our experienced facilitators, the workshop provides the participants the opportunity to focus solely on thinking, learning, and discovering something new. On the other hand, the participants of our customer bring their considerable skills from their own fields. 

The workshop first establishes the meaning of futures thinking and design, and how they are connected to innovation and the success of a company. You can read more about the topic in our blog. After the introduction, the participants take part in teamwork, where we begin to push the envelope on conventional ways of thinking, look for signals from the external world, and create an inspiring vision of an intelligent future. With the workshop, we build common insight and ideas of the future, which will bring inspiration to the everyday work. We strive for improved customer satisfaction and employee experience, and learning new. After the session, we create a summary of the results and think about the next steps we can take together.

The workshop increases the company’s preparedness for the future and different changes, and engages people to strive for the common vision. It brings together different actors to share viewpoints and detach themselves from their personal perspectives. 

“It was good to take some time and space for far-reaching thinking!” —Workshop participant
“A well-organized event! The difference music and lighting make is astonishing, and it improves the atmosphere.” —Workshop participant

How to get started?

We organize a workshop in the scope and with the participants the customer requests, and we also provide our own recommendation. The customer needs to allocate time for the duration of the workshop. The sessions can also be held on several days, but it is possible to acquire new perspectives and inspiration for one’s work and future outlooks even in a short amount of time.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want an inspirational futures session for your company or want to learn more about the workshop!

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