Our work

ENCE — towards an even better fan experience

Our experts gave ENCE’s brand and website a new lease of life. The end result is an impressive whole that reflects what ENCE is today.

The challenge

Finland's leading e-sports organization ENCE wanted to make strides towards an even better fan experience. From the beginning, it was clear that the project would not be limited to small layout improvements and websites – a more comprehensive brand renewal was in order. The aim of the renewal was to communicate the courage, open-mindedness, pioneering nature and strong vision of ENCE’s players and support teams. The goal is to provide fans with high-quality, eye-catching and memorable content that will further boost the ENCE community spirit. The renewal of the brand look and website is the first step in the journey.


The solution

We started the project by considering the preferences and wishes of both ENCE and the fans. Through workshops and interviews, we looked in depth at the needs of fans in workshops and interviews. This provided guidelines on how to renew the brand and website. ENCE had a clear vision of the color scheme and the desired mood: a Blade Runner-style dystopia.

Based on the style of the films, we wanted to create a new image that reflected the true nature of ENCE but would still maintain a connection to the original look. To this end, more shades, contrasts and a more impressive look were introduced to ENCE’s new color scheme in the Blade Runner spirit. A large part of the visual landscapes of the films includes various elements floating in the air, such as vehicles and holograms. With that in mind, we also designed floating elements for ENCE’s website, as well as white and bright shades of orange, blue, turquoise and yellow to contrast with the black and dark blue. The look was also given a striking contrast with large fonts to sharpen and clarify it. Smooth and seamlessly functional technical implementation adds to the desired futuristic atmosphere and user experience.

ENCE’s logo also received a makeover. It had to be recognizable and communicate itself to ENCE fans immediately. The company wanted to retain the image of Enceladus, a warrior figure from Greek mythology, but the colors and shapes were simplified. In this way, the logo works better even in smaller sizes.

The changes have received media attention and excellent feedback from fans. Feedback is constantly collected from users and is used to continually develop the website. ENCE’s loyal fan community is at the center of all design, and will remain so.

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Olli Lindroos
Business Director, Digital Services