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Asset maintenance platform for Fortum hydro power plants

Fortum has around 140 hydro power plants in Finland and Sweden. The power plants' reliable and cost-effective operations are vital for Fortum.

Hydro power plants play an important role in clean energy production and the fight against climate change. Hydro power plants are also important for securing electricity grid stability, because hydro power is quick and easy to adjust according to the need for electricity.

With Loihde Factor's data platform expertise, Fortum aims towards improved cost-efficiency and reliability of their hydro power plants.

Maintenance Hub 

Maintenance Hub is a new tool to provide full real-time visibility to hydro power plants. The tool can also be scaled to suit other power plants’ requirements.

The core features of Maintenance Hub:

  • Real-time data processing and visualizations
  • Machine learning-based signal anomaly detection
  • Advanced alarm framework
  • Powerful visualizations 

Loihde Factor has implemented the core cloud-based data and analytics platform for the Maintenance Hub solution. The potential of the solution is recognized, and Fortum is currently expanding this platform beyond Hydro, including other Fortum assets as well. 

Maintenance Hub has been created in collaboration with end users. It is crucial to understand the end users because it’s the only way to make the tool truly easy to use.

Condition Index for investment planning

The Condition Index tool provides fact-based visibility to a power plant’s main systems, and components’ current condition and failure probability estimates over time. It provides condition-based ranking over the whole fleet, as well as plant- and unit-specific views. The new Condition Index tool helps Fortum to optimize investments – making sure investments are targeted at the right places with the right timing. Condition Index combines data from several sources in easy-to-read metrics that are comparable over the whole fleet. Loihde Factor has built the technical solution in close cooperation with Fortum’s asset development experts.  

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