Our work

Arctic Security — first-class cyber security

As Arctic Security's partner, we develop technology for processing and sharing information about cyber security threats.

About the project

Arctic Security helps get cyber threat information from the ones who know to the ones who need to know. Threat intelligence sharing organizations and enterprises are connected with Arctic Hub and Arctic Node products. Arctic Hub receives and shares the essential threat intelligence. Arctic Node collects that intelligence and integrates it with the company security solutions. Loihde Factor's specialists help Arctic Security develop their cybersecurity products, which meet high standards in terms of pleasant design and state of the art technology.

We have participated in designing and implementing Arctic Security’s own visual appearance as well as the user interface for their products. The user interface was designed to meet the needs of information security industry professionals. The polished visuals ensure that the service looks and feels like an Arctic Security product. In addition, we have created the visual appearance for the brand with nice graphical illustrations to differentiate Arctic Security from their competitors. We have also designed and implemented the latest version of the Arctic Security website.


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