Career Stories

Visualizing knowledge

I'm a data analyst and data visualist. What first caught my interest in the field was the versatile nature of the work, and it still offers me new things to learn every day.

I would characterize my work as being in the shoes of both an explorer and an interpreter. I think organizing and exploring the collected data and finding out the answers to the customer’s questions is very interesting. The analysis must also be displayed in an understandable form, for example with the help of visualisations. New questions often arise as a by-product of the analysis, and they can be investigated with interviews or questionnaires, to name but few tools. Since the analysis itself can be long and laborious, interest in every part of the process comes in handy. What’s more, my work requires a systematic approach and an ability to understand the customer’s business. I’d say the best things about my work are the colleagues, interesting data sets, and the possibility to combine multiple different areas of expertise like data collection planning, visual design and data analysis.