Bitfactor Webinar

The value of investing in Design Systems

February 3rd 2021 14:30 – 16:00

In this webinar we bring people together to discuss the business benefits of a Design System and to exchange ideas and solutions on how to build and implement a Design System.

Design system streamlines design and production processes and can significantly increase the speed to market. In short, Design System is a single source of truth about user experience guidelines and company design. The significance of design systems is even more important during Covid era when there is demand for more streamlined ways for collaboration between teams and projects.

We will have two inspiring keynote speeches: Mika Ylinen, Lead Visual designer from Fortum, will tell us how Fortum Design System has successfully become a fundamental part of their design and development workflow and Angelos Arnis, Senior Designer form Posti, will show how traditional organizations can embrace change and build powerful teams that adopt state-of-the-art tooling and ways of working.

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You´ ll learn:

  • What to consider when building and implementing a Design System?
  • What are the business benefits of a Design System and why should companies invest in them?
  • Where to start when building a Design System?

Hosts & speakers

  • Mika Ylinen

    Lead Visual Designer, Fortum

    Mika designs systematic methods to help humans interact with digital interfaces in an understandable, modern, and usable manner. He has worked with small start-ups to the world’s leading companies, helping them to maximize the value of their digital solutions. As a Lead Designer and a Design System Lead, Mika’s focus is on user experience (UX) and Design Systems. Fortum Design System is the bedrock for a consistent UX & Digital Brand experience.

  • Angelos Arnis

    Lead Designer, Posti

    Angelos is a strategic designer focusing on delivering experiences with humane principles. Currently changing the ways of working at Posti Group. In his career, he has been working with product and service teams, both in early and high-growth stage. As a community advocate, he has organized Joint Futures, DSCONF and Junction hackathon.

  • Maaret Väisänen

    Senior Designer, Bitfactor

    Maaret Väisänen is a service designer with years of experience of working with companies in various fields such as banking, public transport, as well as tourism, education, and industrial processes. Maaret believes that, in addition to understanding the end-customer’s needs, the readiness of each company to change its way of working is a cornerstone of successful design.

  • Juho Rantakari

    Senior UX designer, Bitfactor

    Juho Rantakari designs simple, pleasing and effective digital experiences. In the past Juho has worked as a UX researcher and more recently as a designer with a wide range of companies and projects helping clients meet their goals and translate complexity into well-thought-out design solutions. Currently as a senior UX designer at Bitfactor Juho is focused on design systems and working at the intersection of design and development, helping both ends meet and make their best work.


  • 14:30

    Opening words,

    Juho Rantakari, Bitfactor

  • 14:40

    Delivering value with Fortum Design System

    Mika Ylinen, Lead Visual Designer, Fortum

  • 15:05

    Scaling Design with Design Systems and Operations

    Angelos Arnis, Lead Designer, Posti

  • 15:30

    Panel discussion: The future of design systems in companies

  • 16:00

    Webinar ends

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Webinar recording

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