Bitfactor Webinar

The value of investing in Design Systems: a Strategic Perspective

March 18th 2021 14.30 – 16.00

In this webinar we bring people together to discuss the strategic perspective of a Design System and to exchange ideas and solutions on how to build a design system team and get buy-in internally for this investment as well as how to measure and improve the performance of a design system.

The webinar is a sequel to our previous webinar The value of investing in Design Systems, in which we discussed more what Design Systems are and why companies should invest in them.

We will have two inspiring keynote speeches:

Marianna Chekurova, Head of Digital Channels at Telia Finland, will tell us about her experiences in building a business case and getting organisational buy-in for a Design System at Telia.

Antero Meuronen, Design System Owner & Design Lead at OP Financial Group, will present his team’s approach to measure design systems adoption and customers user experience in order to communicate better all benefits of design system e.g. cost savings in product development, decreasing technical dept etc. for all business and/or technical oriented stakeholders.

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You´ ll learn:

  • What to consider when building and implementing a Design System?
  • How to get buy-in internally for Design System investment?
  • How to measure and improve performance of a design system?

Hosts & speakers

  • Marianna Chekurova

    Head of Digital Channels,

    Telia Finland

    Marianna Chekurova is the Head of Digital Channels at Telia Finland. Her job is to lead teams that are developing online and mobile app services at Telia. She is in a central role in leading Design System development at Telia, and has been deeply involved with building the Design System team and promoting modular & agile development processes in the organisation.

  • Antero Meuronen

    Design System Owner & Design Lead,

    OP Financial Group

    Antero is a design systems and design thinking oriented design leader with a highly analytical customer centric mindset for product development. He has +8 years of design leadership and design manager experience from media and financial industries. Last 2,5 years he has been leading a design systems team at OP Financial Group by setting OKRs for the team, leading a vision, a strategy and prioritizing a roadmap for OP Design System.

  • Maaret Väisänen

    Senior Designer,


    Maaret Väisänen is a service designer with years of experience of working with companies in various fields such as banking, public transport, as well as tourism, education, and industrial processes. Maaret believes that, in addition to understanding the end-customer's needs, the readiness of each company to change its way of working is a cornerstone of successful design.

  • Petri Kokko

    Head of Design,


    Petri Kokko leads Bitfactor’s design team. Petri has developed design processes and workflows and managed teams. He has worked in various fields, such as mobile communications, finance, health and daycare, and industry. According to Petri’s design philosophy, the best customer experience is reached when all of the company’s customer interfaces are carefully designed - digital services are just one part of the holistic experience.


  • 14.30

    Opening words,

    Maaret Väisänen, Bitfactor

  • 14.40

    From business case to building your team – getting organisational buy-in for Design Systems

    Marianna Chekurova, Head of Digital Channels, Telia Finland

  • 15.05

    Measuring the performance and user experience of Design Systems at scale

    Antero Meuronen, Design System Owner & Design Lead, OP Financial Group

  • 15.30

    Panel discussion

  • 16.00

    Webinar ends

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Webinar recording

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